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Wow, yes and good for you. I definitely believe in our second amendment but that said how do we decide who gets to carry a weapon. I am a 78 year old Vietnam veteran and believe me I never want to have to shoot anyone but if I am put in a situation to protect innocent people because there is some nut job shooting people for no reason, then I have to do what any normal red blooded American would probably do.

As for myself, I am licenced to carry concealed and open carry and in today's world I do just that as many others do. That said I am also the father of 5 beautiful children and many grandchildren and would do anything to protect them at all times. I never dreamed I would live to see this going on in our beautiful United States of America. Your father bought a place nextdoor to me in Granite OR

I guess the only answers I have Audrey is to put our faith in God, country and family and vote for the right people at the White house, but how do we know anymore who's the right person. Stay strong, be vigilant, God bless.

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Wow Audrey. I really didn't expect something this good for you. If the science and math thing doesn't work out, you should consider writing.

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